Carefully designed to be safe and soft.

With BU, our guiding principle and main concern is the safety and comfortable of babies when they wear our clothes. We commit to respect all safety standards for baby clothes and accessories. BU is proud to be the first brand in Vietnam that qualified as “Safe Products for Infants and Children (0-3 years old)” as evaluated and certificated by OEKO-TEX® Association, the world’s most prestigious certificate for the safety of textile products for humans and the environment.
All fabrics are thermo controlled and moisture wicking and are processed without harmful chemicals, which can irritate children’s sensitive skin. Our commitment to meticulous product design further ensures that all product features contribute to your child’s comfort and safety and that the items are wearable, durable and attractive. BU also has help mom by providing a range of functional, safe and beautifully designed accessories.
BU would like to thank all mothers that have trusted BU to be their companion in taking care of their babies and we promise our customers that BU will always take the necessary safety tests and update products to meet international safety standards to provide safe products to your babies.