Welcome to the land of BU, where we do things differently
Founder’s Note

My love of fabric started when I was a young child. I used to enjoy touching and playing with remnants of cloth that my mother was working with and would often fall asleep in her fabric basket. The memory of the colours and textures have stayed with me ever since, through leaving the peaceful valley of my childhood and going to the city to study, work and get married. But the story only begun when I became a mother! Just like any first-time mother, waiting for the baby to arrive was a time of happiness, but there was also a lot to think about, such as the best birthing method for a healthy delivery, the ideal nutrition for baby’s health and buying safe products for the baby. Because of the love I have for fabric I paid special attention to baby clothes and accessories. There was so much information available, but I was particularly interested in safety and in clothes that wouldn’t irritate my baby’s skin, so I began to do more research on the subject.

Fortunately, at the time, my job gave me access to news about the garment industry, and the opportunity to learn more about eco-friendly textile technologies in Japan and Korean and ask about standards in the garment
market. The more I found out, the more I confused and worried I became about the baby clothes market in Vietnam; it has a wide variety of products but a lack of control, without clear origins and standards. I found it difficult to find safe clothes for new-borns that met international standards. Then, the dream from my childhood came back to me stronger than ever, and compelled me to act. And that is when BU was born.

BU means mom. BU was born from the desire of a mother to keep her baby safe and protected and to help other mothers in their search for baby clothes – a small but essential part of their baby’s life. And luckily, I was not alone because I found two other mothers that had the same BU dream! What we want to say to all mothers and what drives us forward is: Parents don’t have to worry anymore, just trust BU’s choice, because that is the best choice that they can make for their child!

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